Stax Eliquid 120ml Bottles

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Stax Eliquid

  • The Baron

Forget 'Murica! This is Straya ripping it out from under yah with a cracker Apple Custard.

  • Cola Battles

Ahhhh the elusive Cola bottle flavour! We went to war with you and the battle was long and arduous, but we won, and victory tastes sweet!


Vanilla and smoked Custard. A new challenger has arrived on the scene, and it means business.

  • Gone Cactus

Ain't nothing prickly about it! With a little extra sumfin sumfin.

  • Oasis Man

Such a tease, so delectable. Mango Iced Tea, subtle, cool, sweet tea, juicy Mango.

  • Peach Out

Didn't know I could be so addicted to you, do you know what I mean, Peaches and Cream.


Nothing better than ducking out for a quick Smoko? You haven't had a bash on this juice then! Authentic and straight to the point!

  •  Smoovi

Smash 'em, crush 'em and blend 'em. What do you get? A silky smooth Strawberry Milkshake that will have you salivating from every draw.

  •  Strapt

Remember Toffee Apples!? Yeah.

  • Tropic Rush

You will go Pineapples for this Mango ;



This is what happens when the Watermelon paddy makes love to the Strawberry vines. So much taboo...