The Healthy Truth about vaping by Dr Colin Mendelsohn

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The Healthy Truth about vaping

Dr Colin Mendelsohn has written a new book called Stop Smoking Start Vaping.

Colin is Australia’s leading advocate for vaping and is the founding chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association.

The book busts the many myths about vaping and nicotine and outlines the scientific evidence in an easy-to-read and authoritative manner. It includes:

  • The latest evidence on the safety of vaping and nicotine: does vaping cause cancer, lung damage or seizures? Is passive vaping harmful? What are the long-term risks? Is vaping safe in pregnancy?
  • Is it an effective quitting aid?
  • The current regulations on vaping in Australia
  • How to access nicotine legally
  • Advice on devices, e-liquids, nicotine, stealth vaping, how to vape successfully,
  • Safe vaping guidelines and battery care
  • Where to get more information
  • Why is vaping opposed by many government and health authorities?

There are 15 inspiring stories from former smokers, including Senator Hollie Hughes and Fiona Patten MP.

It would make a great Christmas present for smokers and gives practical advice on how to make the switch.

To buy a copy or find out more, visit

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